Personalized URLs

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Web-based communication represents an accessible, quick and easy medium for marketing to a large audience. PURLs are a crucial component to the campaign design. Each element of experiential marketing does something different, so integrating a PURL campaign online also helps to keep the branding and messaging consistent.

Personalized landing pages are much more dynamic than the typical company website. They allow you to personally greet the respondent, understand their level of interest, gather or update contact information and pass them directly to the most relevant page on the organization's site. Behind the scenes, a lead email is being sent to the assigned salesperson to follow-up and close the sale. The campaign data is being recorded the whole time and can then be accessed through the dashboard at anytime.



We have a simple straight-forward onboarding process.

  • Concept

    We will connect with you and your team to explore your goals.

  • Design

    With your help and our staff, together we will create a modern & responsive PURL site.

  • Setting up your domain

    We will help guide you through the 5 minute process of setting up an a-record.

  • Launch

    Set you and your users up to view leads and create campaigns.